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Piano & Keyboard Lessons at MusicStation

We teach piano/ keyboards in small groups (up to 5) as it encourages teamwork, develops the ability to perform in front of others and to learn from each other. The students enjoy working together and the group lessons also help to encourage regular practice because students do not want to fall behind.  Click Here For More Information On Group Lessons.

MusicStation piano/ keyboard students will work on a new innovative syllabus written by Julie Parker. Our aim is to focus attention on notation (the ability to read music) alongside playing skills, and to build up a range of notes and note values gradually through the Stages. When you start keyboard / piano lessons at MusicStation you will receive a set of resources with a link to an online PDF.
Stage 1 includes the notes ABCDE only (with both hands), and semibreves only (these are notes that last four beats, or a whole bar). The notes are brought in gradually so students will learn to read them properly and confidently.
The exciting part is that even at total beginner level, all my examples are taken from real songs drawn from the history of rock and pop music, – so at last we say goodbye to ‘Mary Had  A Little Lamb’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’…. The PDF includes play along Youtube videos (where you see the Eye Icon) and Spotify links (the Ear Icon) – you just have to click/ tap to open them. All the examples are demonstrated on video, so students can see how/ where to place their hands, and learn by copying hand position, technique, dynamics and articulation.
Also included are solo examples, where you can hear the notes on their own, and Full Backing examples, where the other instruments are included as well – and these ones sound like the real song.. There is a moving cursor at the bottom of the screen so you don’t lose your place, and a diagram of a piano with your note selection highlighted. We have also used a variety of different keyboard sounds, as well as the traditional piano sound, so you can use Strings, Organ etc to play the songs. There are also sheets for drawing and naming notes which we will do in our lessons, but you are welcome to print them out yourselves as well. With all the materials at hand in one document, your child should be able to sit at the keyboard at home with a tablet/ phone/ computer, and make good progress whilst having fun and enjoying playing great music!

Example of the Stage 1 Keyboards PDF

The examples in Stage 1 are very short and basic, but they sound good! Through this method, students will be trained towards future exams where they will need to play in time with a backing track. This encourages real musicianship, and it’s like playing with a band.

After completing all the beginner Stages, your child can progress onto the Trinity Rock Keyboards syllabus, an international and fully accredited series of grade exams.

The syllabus can be viewed here:

When the students have reached the required level they will start on the Trinity Rock & Pop graded exam syllabus. (This syllabus can run in parallel with the later MusicStation keyboard stages.)
The Trinity Rock & Pop syllabus starts from Initial Grade, then Grade 1 to Grade 8.
This syllabus contains real songs from new and classic rock & pop artists, including Radiohead, David Bowie , Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars etc…
From grade 6, students will gain UCAS points that can help to access the best universities. High marks from grades 7 and 8 are equivalent to an A Level.
Click here to see the UCAS points table.  UCAS Points

This video features songs from the new Trinity Rock & Pop keyboard syllabus:

MusicStation Fynn Davies talks about taking Trinity Grades in Voice Magazine.
MusicStation Fynn Davies Trinity Grade Exams
MusicStation Fynn Davies Trinity Grade Exams p2
Performance Opportunities

New Jam Session starting in 2019. See our social media for details.

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