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The Green Room

The MusicStation Green Room is the main downstairs live room, and has state of the art soundproofing with double doors and thick acoustic glass. Reflective walls are covered in sound absorbing ‘Buzzi Felt’ to soak up unwanted reverberations. The room is fully air-conditioned for maximum comfort. This room is used for guitar group teaching using the Boss JS10 unit, vocal group teaching, Trinity graded music exams and band workshops.

The room has the latest Apple iMac and a 50-inch plasma screen to show presentations and videos. We use Roland guitar and bass amps, with two Fender Stratocaster guitars, a half size electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and an electric bass. The Green Room also has a high-quality drum kit for recording, workshops and exams. There is also a music whiteboard.

See the gallery for pictures of our most recent Recording Party. As you can see, a lot of fun was had by all! Prices start from £60 per session.

The Green Room also has a high quality drum kit for recording, workshops and exams.
Our recording software is Logic X and we have a selection of microphones including the Rode NT1 and Shure SM57s and 58s.


Recording Parties/ Recording Experience are £60 per hour or £90 for a one and a half hour session.

Additional recording/ mixing/ editing mastering hours are £60 ph.

(Backing tracks are £2 each)

Do you have a dream of recording a song? 
MusicStation can help you to achieve this – you can record one of your favourite songs in our friendly and professional studio! 
Our Recording Party/ Experience packages are suitable for all ages and abilities and is a great fun idea for any special occasion, or for team building events. You can come as a solo performer or as a group. Our studio accommodates up to 15 singers.

Here’s how it works:
1) Choose your song(s) to record with a backing track. Typically it takes 45 minutes to record one song, and 15 minutes are allowed for mixing and mastering.

2) The group will sing through the song and record a number of different takes – we will choose the best one. Usually groups will either elect a lead singer and the others join in on the choruses, or divide a song up with different singers taking a verse each, or sing the whole song as a group, or construct harmony arrangements – or you can combine any of these! 

3) All recordings are made using the industry standard Logic X Pro in our comfortable, air-conditioned and acoustically designed room. 

4) At the end of the session, each participant will receive a copy of their audio track, on CD (or MP3 if you prefer), professionally recorded and mastered.

We strongly recommend lots of preparation before recording and try to make sure that you can comfortably perform the whole song without any mistakes. Recording yourself on a phone is a really good idea. If it sounds good on your phone it will sound amazing in our studio. Many people think they are ready to record a song, but the pressure of the studio can sometimes make it harder. We do all we can to make it a fun experience though 🙂

If edits are needed, you will almost certainly need to book extra time as it can be quite time consuming.

A three minute song could need many listen throughs to get the best sound and balance of your performance.


Recording sessions start at £150 for 3 hours studio time.

Additional recording/ mixing/ editing mastering hours are £60 ph.


For Band Recording sessions the time required depends on the expectations, experience and ability of the musicians. If the band is well rehearsed and can play together without making mistakes, it is possible to record and mix a few songs in 3 hours. If you struggle to get through a take without making mistakes it would be better to concentrate on getting one song recorded really well.

Remember, the vocal is usually recorded separately, so you need time to get a great performance when the band have finished their parts.

In ‘top end’ studios, musicians can often take many days to record one song (or in the case of Guns ‘n’ Roses, many years!). It is better to play people one well performed/ recorded song than half a dozen at a poorer standard.

We would advise that you should leave 1 hour for a basic mix of a band recording.

We will of course give you lots of advice and guidance about the session if you tell us in advance exactly what you require. It is unlikely that you can get the finished product on the same day if you need lots of editing/ mixing. 
Our fees are very reasonable, so we hope you understand that any extra time must be charged for.

Do you know anyone who dreams of recording in a professional studio and taking away a CD of them singing one their favourite songs? That probably includes most of us! But, if anyone would really like to try recording, we can do it here in the comfort of MusicStation. Recording studios can be quite intimidating to even professional musicians, so we hope by recording here in familiar surroundings for our students, it will help to calm nerves and get a better performance.


The Orange Room


The MusicStation Orange Room is our dedicated drum teaching suite.

We use the Roland TD11-KV VDrums for all of the lessons.

This is a very impressive piece of kit. The toms all have mesh heads to improve the playing experience and to cut down the ambient noise in the room. Each kit has 25 pre-programmed drum kits that cover pretty much any drum sound you could want to hear. There are also 25 user kits that enable you to design your own kits. The sound through our state of the art Roland headphones is nothing short of astonishing! Come and have a listen to see what we mean. All the kits are connected to a Jamhub. This is a new invention that enables whole band to play silently, but hear each other through headphones with total clarity. The lecturer will be able to monitor the students playing at all times. The kits also feature a wireless mode that can transmit the student’s performance direct to an iPhone or iPad. There is a worldwide community of drummers uploading their performances to a Roland website.

All the rooms use heavy-duty Tiger music stands that will hold music, folders, or even iPads.

The room has the latest Apple iMac and a 50-inch plasma screen to show presentations and videos. There is also a music white board


The Yellow Room


Upstairs we have the dedicated MusicStation piano teaching suite. We are using the fantastic Roland FP-80 full size digital stage pianos. These keyboards have a range of exciting sounds to work with and they have a great action for maximum playing comfort.
The room is very comfortable and uses ‘Buzzi Felt’ to aid the acoustics. There is an Apple iMac and a 50-inch plasma screen to show presentations and videos. There is also a music whiteboard.

The Red Room

The Red Room can be used for many different lessons, it can comfortably accommodate groups of 3 students for vocals, woodwind, guitar and bass lessons. There is a Roland bass amp with a bass guitar, Roland JS-10 guitar amp, a full size digital piano, an Apple iMac and a music whiteboard.


The reception room downstairs has plenty of room and includes a large TV monitor showing the CCTV cameras in each room, so you can watch your child’s lesson, make sure you ask for a free tea or coffee. It doubles as a recording studio control room when lessons are finished for the day. The recording studio runs on Logic X and Reason recording software. The audio signals are converted by the new Roland Studio Capture device. The monitor speakers are the top of the range Adams Ax7s. The recording microphones are a mixture of Shure and EV.

The White Room

The White room can be used for many different lessons, it can comfortably accommodate small groups of 2 students for keyboards, woodwind, vocals, guitar and bass lessons. There is a Roland JS-10 guitar amp, two full size digital pianos, an Apple iMac and a music whiteboard.

Kitchen Bar

You can sit at our kitchen bar and watch the lessons (or do your homework) in the live room through the double glazed studio window.