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Terms & Prices

T&Cs / Prices

for Standard Lessons at MusicStation (September 2017)

This only applies to standard MusicStation lessons. There are separate Terms and Conditions for our Schools Provision.

Commencement of tuition confirms to MusicStation that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by the following terms and conditions concerning MusicStation tuition:

Payment of Invoices All invoices must be paid before tuition begins each term. The invoices will usually be sent out in the week before tuition commences. If the payment is late we may have to suspend lessons or add an administration charge.

You can pay for lessons by card in person or

by telephone (card payment telephone number 01732 350629)

by cheque (please make cheques payable to Music Station Ltd)

or bank transfer: HSBC Bank. Sort Code 40 – 44 – 20. Account Number – 71670638

Stopping Lessons: We are sorry to say that if you leave during a term block, we can’t refund any remaining lessons as we have made a commitment to our staff to provide teaching at that time. We keep all of our terms under 8 weeks.

Group Lessons

30 minute group lessons – £13.75

60 minute group lessons – £27.50

Other lesson durations are available

Contact Time

You will receive 25 minutes of contact time for a 30 minute lesson and 50 minutes for 60 a minute lesson. We have allowed this time for our tutors to make lesson notes and to be available to talk to you each week about progress/ homework etc. This also enables us to run all sessions on time with smooth changeovers.

Cancellations/ Missed Lessons

The following applies to any group lessons regardless of notice given. If you have booked group lessons and you find you can’t attend a session, we will be unable to reschedule it. We will need to charge you for any group lesson you have booked regardless of any notice you give us, except where a doctor’s note is provided. We are sorry to say that it is not possible to make up any lessons you may have missed at a later date. Our teachers have been available at the allotted time and cannot repeat the lesson at another day or time. If you miss any lessons in a term, please ask for any lesson materials you might have missed.

Holidays/ School Trips

We offer a very reasonable rate for our group lessons that is based on each class having full attendance, so we are sorry to say that we can’t refund any missed group lessons due to holidays, family occasions, school trips etc. Each term needs to be paid for as a whole block as our teachers have made themselves available for your lesson for the whole term.


We reserve the right to add compatible students to existing groups where there is space in the class. If a members of a group lesson leave and the group becomes one person, we will try to find suitable replacements. You will continue to pay the discounted group rate until the end of the block (half-term). If no one can be found, the lesson will have to change to an individual rate (£23 per 30 minutes). We may also need to find a new time for the individual lesson.

 Individual Lessons

£23 for a 30 minute session

£46 for a 60 minute session

Other lesson durations are available

If you have booked an individual lesson and you find you can’t attend for any reason, you should contact us as soon as possible. If you give us a minimum of 48 hours notice, we will try and reschedule the lesson. It won’t always be possible, but we will do our best! If we can’t reschedule the lesson and you have given 48 hours’ notice, we will issue a Lesson Credit. If the notice is less than 48 hours, unfortunately you will still be charged. (The exception to this would be if you are able to provide a doctor’s note.) The reason for this is that tutors base their commitments around your bookings and are unable to take any other work at the times they are booked by you.

Public Holidays

MusicStation will be closed on Public Holidays. If the lesson cannot be rescheduled, it will be removed from the invoice or a credit will be issued. Changes to your lessons If you need to notify absence or change the details of your lessons in any way, please inform the admin staff rather than your tutor. Our office is open 11.00am-7.30pm Monday to Friday and 10.00am-2.00pm Saturdays, and you can email . Emails received outside of opening hours will normally be dealt with on the next working day.

All requests for permanent changes to lessons must be made to us before the term commences (see the term dates and the Lesson Change Deadlines below).

Finally any decision concerning tuition made by MusicStation shall be final and we reserve the right to alter the conditions without prior notice. Sorry, we have to put this at the end! We hope you find these Terms and Conditions reasonable and fair. Our commitment to you is to provide excellent musical education at a competitive price.

Term Dates

These are the dates we will book our tutors for your lessons. Please be aware they may not exactly correspond to every school’s dates (as school terms now vary widely), but they will be on your invoice. Please note that all lessons in association with Schools will commence one week later in Term 1 (Mon 11th September). Please note that we can’t make any changes to lessons after the Lesson Change Deadline for each term. If you request any changes after the deadline, it will need to wait until the following term.

Term 1 Mon 4th September – Sat 21st October (7 weeks)

Lesson change Deadline: Sat 14th

October Half Term Mon 23rd October – Sat 28th October

Term 2 Mon 30th October – Sat 17th December (7 weeks) Lesson change Deadline: Sat 10th December

Winter Break Mon 18th December – Thur 4th January

Term 3 Fri 5th January – Sat 10th February (5/ 6 weeks) (extra Fri and Sat, due to loss of Fri and Sat in Term 4) Lesson change Deadline: Sat 3rd February

Half Term Mon 12th February – Sat 17th February

Term 4 (5 weeks) Mon 19th February – Thur 29th March (5/ 6 weeks) Lesson change Deadline: Sat 24th March

 Mon 16th April – Sat 26th May (Mon 7th May Bank Holiday) Lesson change Deadline: Sat 19th May

Half Term Mon 28th May – Sat 2nd June Term 6 (7/ 8 weeks)

Mon 4th June – Mon 23rd July (extra Mon due to May Bank Hol)