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Guitar Lessons at MusicStation

MusicStation guitar tutor Neil Cornwell takes you through some guitar basics.

Example beginner lesson:

MusicStation Guitar Lessons

We teach guitar in small groups (up to 6) as it encourages teamwork, develops the ability to perform in front of others and to learn from each other. The students enjoy working together and the group lessons also help to encourage regular practice because students do not want to fall behind.  Click Here For More Information On Group Lessons

The MusicStation guitar tutors are all highly trained enthusiastic teachers and performers.

When the students have reached the required level they will start on the Trinity Rock & Pop graded exam syllabus.
The Trinity Rock & Pop syllabus starts from Initial Grade, then Grade 1 to Grade 8.
This syllabus contains real songs from new and classic rock & pop artists, including Radiohead, David Bowie , Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars etc…
More information can be found at
From grade 6, students will gain UCAS points that can help to access the best universities. High marks from grades 7 and 8 are equivalent to an A Level.
Click here to see the UCAS points table.  UCAS Points

The following video showcases some of the songs you learn:

One of the joys of learning and playing popular music is that creativity is just as important as technique; there is also improvisation that is often missing from classical music education. We think that these areas of self-expression are challenging, important and healthy for all of our students to experience.

Performance Opportunities
New Jam Session starting in 2109. Please see our social media for more details.

Please take the time to read the MusicStation Practice Advice below.

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