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Billy Jupp


Billy Jupp is primarily a composer for Film, Game and Television. His fascination and obsession with creating music came fairly early on in life when he started tinkering with instruments at the tender age of 8. He has since completed a BA (Hons) Degree in the practice of music, achieving a 1st class status. During his degree he studied a multitude of musical genres in great depth and specialised in Jazz Guitar/Vocals/Piano/Percussion.

After graduating he decided music for visual media was what gave him the most creative freedom, and enjoyment. Since the decision to leave the stage and live performance behind, he has become known for composing the score to the feature film ‘The Carrier’, the upcoming ‘A Quiet Storm’, ‘The Flood’, Video Game ‘Fractured’, and string of short films, some of which are award winning.
With influences spanning many decades and across multiple genres, Billy’s own style is a complex gumbo of Orchestral/Neo-Classical, Jazz and Roots (In many forms), World, Folk and Electro-Synth.
Alongside various professional works, Billy has spent time as both a private tutor in Guitar, Piano, Composition, Theory and Vocals.
We are sure you will enjoy Billy’s energetic and motivational style of teaching.