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Ben Killick


   “I’m a BA Hons music graduate with several years of teaching experience, having taught 1-1 privately, and at The New School West Heath. I am a drummer primarily but due to my love of songwriting I have learnt to play guitar, mandolin, bass and sing.  I have also become proficient with recording software such as Logic, which I use at home to record my own music.
I have been playing Drums since I was 13 and have always been fascinated with rhythm. I taught myself how to play for many years by emulating my favourite drummers but I didn’t make any real headway until I started my foundation diploma when I was 17. Under the careful tutorage of MusicStation’s own James Sedge I enjoyed year after year of learning all the tools a drummer needs to play with conviction and style. I learnt how to play blues, rock, reggae, ska, punk, americana, funk, soul/motown, progressive rock, New Orleans based music and jazz. The courses were very well taught and not only did I learn how to play in these various styles and genres, I also learnt about the history behind all of them and what vital components made each unique.
I have taught now for several years and I have always enjoyed passing on what I have learnt over the years to another generation of enthusiastic musicians. I am relaxed and approachable but not afraid to push a student if I feel their full potential isn’t being met.
Ben is currently playing bass for Top Cat Collective.