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Ben Killick

MusicStation Ben Killick

Ben is MusicStation’s new drum teacher and administrator.
“I’m a BA Hons music graduate with several years of teaching experience, having taught 1-1 privately, and at The New School West Heath. I am a drummer primarily but due to my love of song writing I have learnt to play guitar, mandolin, bass and sing.  I have also become proficient with recording software such as Logic, which I use at home to record my own music.
I have been playing Drums since I was 13 and have always been fascinated with rhythm. I taught myself how to play for many years by emulating my favourite drummers but I didn’t make any real headway until I started my foundation diploma when I was 17. Under the careful tutorage of MusicStation’s own James Sedge I enjoyed year after year of learning all the tools a drummer needs to play with conviction and style. I learnt how to play blues, rock, reggae, ska, punk, americana, funk, soul/motown, progressive rock, New Orleans based music and jazz. The courses were very well taught and not only did I learn how to play in these various styles and genres, I also learnt about the history behind all of them and what vital components made each unique.
I have taught now for several years and I have always enjoyed passing on what I have learnt over the years to another generation of enthusiastic musicians. I am relaxed and approachable but not afraid to push a student if I feel their full potential isn’t being met.
I write as a solo artist and for my folk group Mercia. I consider myself fairly new to the world of song writing even though I have been doing it for 5 years now.  As a solo artist John Martyn, Justin Vernon and Robin Pecknold have heavily influenced me with their emotional and honest song writing styles. My folk band Mercia was one of my first writing outlets and I found it to be a very different affair to being behind a kit, and I felt the only the only way I could truly represent my music was if I fronted the band myself.”