MusicStation tutors specialise in modern music styles and teaching methods. We study past masters such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, The Specials, etc. to learn genre-specific techniques and conventions and then go on to start making original music from a solid foundation.

One of the joys of learning and playing popular music is that creativity is just as important as technique; there is also improvisation that is often missing from classical music education. We think that these areas of self-expression are challenging, important and healthy for all of our students to experience.

The MusicStation guitar tutors are all young, enthusiastic teachers and performers. They are all trained to deliver a very high level of teaching. Guitar sessions can include:
Warm Up – Each lesson will begin with a warm up comprising of various technical exercises and scale patterns, which will be covered in the ‘theory’ section of the lessons.
Improvisation – The students will learn ways of improvising over various chord sequences and patterns. The students will also have the opportunity to play together during this section of the lessons; giving each student the chance to experiment with chord work as well as soloing (they are equally important).
Theory – Music theory will unlock many aspects of one’s chosen instrument, including the ability to improvise over chord sequences and most importantly, communicate with other musicians in a simple and understandable way.
Composition – for GCSE and above.
Grade Exams – MusicStation recommends the Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus. This syllabus contains real songs from new and classic rock & pop artists MusicStation offers grades in all instruments. We are particularly enjoying the new Trinity Rock syllabus, they are equivalent to the usual graded exams, but much more fun if you like rock and pop music! They also use real songs from modern and classic bands, including Radiohead, David Bowie , The Ramones, Snow Patrol…and has proved to be very popular. It is fully accredited and attracts UCAS points from Grade 6 and above. More information can be found at Click here to see the UCAS points table.  UCAS Points

We recommend group instrumental lessons wherever possible as it encourages teamwork, develops the ability to perform in front of others and to learn from each other. The students enjoy working together, and group lessons also help to encourage regular practice because students do not want to fall behind.

30 Minute Group Lessons – £13.75

60 Minute Group Lessons – £27.50

Other Lesson Durations Are Available