MusicStation Drum Lessons

We teach drums in small groups (up to 4) as it encourages teamwork, develops the ability to perform in front of others and to learn from each other. The students enjoy working together and the group lessons also help to encourage regular practice because students do not want to fall behind. Click Here For More Information On Group Lessons

The MusicStation drum tutors are all highly trained enthusiastic teachers and performers.

All drum lessons are taught on Roland V-Drums (TD-11 KV). These amazing kits offer high quality sound, and rebound and feel that is very similar to acoustic drums. The Roland V-Drum kits are now used by professional drummers for practice and performance all over the world. Learning on electronic drums is much safer for students’ hearing as the volume can be regulated. It also means that play-along music can be fed into the students’ headphones at a reasonable volume and mixed in with the drum kit sound. This is a great immersive experience that helps the students to connect playing drums with other instruments. The headphone mix is controlled by the teacher and can be adapted to suit individual needs. The use of headphones means that students can play together during the lessons.

MusicStation drum students will work on a new innovative syllabus written by James Sedge.
For beginners, the syllabus will cover stick grip, posture, rudiments, beats, coordination, reading music, playing in time, warm ups

Example of Stage One Drums Syllabus.



Each Stage is designed to last between 7 -14 weeks. On completion of all the beats and exercises the students will receive a certificate

Intermediate standard players can start at later stages or complete the early ones quickly to ensure that there are no gaps in their knowledge/ technique.

When the students have reached the required level they will start on the Trinity Rock & Pop graded exam syllabus. (This syllabus can run in parallel with the later MusicStation drum stages.)
The Trinity Rock & Pop syllabus starts from Initial Grade, then Grade 1 to Grade 8.
This syllabus contains real songs from new and classic rock & pop artists, including Radiohead, David Bowie , Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars etc…
More information can be found at http://www.trinityrock.com/instruments/drums
From grade 6, students will gain UCAS points that can help to access the best universities. High marks from grades 7 and 8 are equivalent to an A Level.
Click here to see the UCAS points table.  UCAS Points

Please take the time to read the MusicStation Practice Advice below.