Music Station

The Orange Room – Drums

The MusicStation Orange Room is our dedicated drum teaching suite.

   Drum Lesson 2 Music StationDrum Lesson MusicStationDrum Room MusicStation

We use the Roland TD11-KV VDrums for all of the lessons.
This is a very impressive piece of kit. The toms all have mesh heads to improve the playing experience and to cut down the ambient noise in the room. Each kit has 25 pre-programmed drum kits that cover pretty much any drum sound you could want to hear. There are also 25 user kits that enable you to design your own kits. The sound through our state of the art Roland headphones is nothing short of astonishing! Come and have a listen to see what we mean. All the kits are connected to a Jamhub. This is a new invention that enables whole band to play silently, but hear each other through headphones with total clarity. The lecturer will be able to monitor the students playing at all times. The kits also feature a wireless mode that can transmit the student’s performance direct to an iPhone or iPad. There is a worldwide community of drummers uploading their performances to a Roland website

td-11kv_kit_galDrum Teaching Room Music StationDrum Lesson 3 Music Station
All the rooms use heavy-duty Tiger music stands that will hold music, folders, or even iPads.

The room has the latest Apple iMac and a 50-inch plasma screen to show presentations and videos. There is also a music white board