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The Green Room – Studio/ Guitar/ Soul Choir

Live room Music Station

The MusicStation Green Room is the main downstairs live room, and has state of the art soundproofing with double doors and thick acoustic glass. Reflective walls are covered in sound absorbing ‘Buzzi Felt’ to soak up unwanted reverberations. The room is fully air-conditioned for maximum comfort. This room is used for guitar group teaching using the Boss JS10 unit, vocal group teaching, Soul Choir, Trinity graded music exams and band workshops.
The room has the latest Apple iMac and a 50-inch plasma screen to show presentations and videos. We use Roland guitar and bass amps, with two Fender Stratocaster guitars, a half size electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and an electric bass. We have recently purchased a beautiful Yamaha U3 acoustic piano for exams and recording sessions along with a Roland digital piano. The Green Room also has a high quality drum kit for recording , workshops and exams. There is also a music white board.

See below for pictures of our most recent Recording Party. As you can see, a lot of fun was had by all! Prices start from £60 per session. More details on our Other Musical Services page.

Recording Party MusicStation1Recording Party 2 MusicStationRecording Party 3 MusicStationRecording Party Children 1 MusicStationRecording Party Children 2 MusicStationRecording Party Children 3 MusicStation
Green Room Drum Kit