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Trinity Exam Information

MusicStation is the rep and exam centre for Trinity College London graded music exams in the Tonbridge/ Tunbridge Wells area. We book and host all the exams for Rock & Pop, Classical and Jazz for most of West Kent.

We highly recommend the Trinity graded Rock & Pop exams, as they feature real songs to learn and therefore are more enjoyable to study. It’s much better to play your friends and family songs that they might know and enjoy. It also means that students might be able to play their exam songs live in a concert and perhaps join a group. Also, the choice of songs mean that the students are learning about music history and the classic bands and songwriters along with modern artists they might already know.

Because the MusicStation teaching method centres around learning Rock & Pop music, it is an excellent way to measure progress with Trinity Rock’s internationally accredited exams. From grade 6, students will also gain UCAS points that can help to access the best universities. High marks from grades 7 and 8 are equivalent to an A Level.

The Trinity grading system is Pass – 60%, Merit 75% and Distinction 87%.

UCAS Points

As a MusicStation customer we can get you all the exam books/ materials you need and enter you for the exam with Trinity. We will then invoice you for any payment due.
Our Rock & Pop exams are usually held on Thursdays in the daytime 9am – 5pm. Most music exams are held in the daytime, so schools are used to students taking time off to sit them.
When one of our teachers thinks that the group or student is ready to start working towards an exam, they will let you know and get your permission to buy the book and start the work. There are three exam sessions a year – Winter (November/ December) – Spring (March) – Summer (June/ July). All the current dates can be found on our website here:

Our teachers will always have a suggested exam session to work towards, but all groups/ students can sometimes work quicker or take longer to be ready. We never want to put any students under any undue pressure, so we will sometimes delay the exam if needed (it’s not a problem).
Once you have been entered for an exam, you will get an appointment slip sent to you from us. If there are any problems with the exam date or time please contact us immediately and we will try to accommodate your needs.
On the day:

This brochure gives an excellent overview of the Rock & Pop exams:


Trinity Exam Price List 2016-17:                                         MusicStation Examination Room

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Trinity Rock & Pop book price list from MusicStation:
Initial & Grade 1 £12
Grade 2 & 3          £13
Grade 4 & 5          £14
Grade 6                 £15
Grade 7 & 8          £16

Faber Songbook Initial –  Grade 1 £10
Faber Songbook Grade 2-3          £10
Faber Songbook Grade 4-5          £13

Good luck with your exam!