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MusicStation is currently working with local schools to provide top quality contemporary music education. We specialise in contemporary musical styles – if your school has a strong classical tradition, we would compliment the existing provision and offer an alternative for the students who prefer popular music.

We are currently working with:
Kings Hill Primary – Piano/ keyboard, iPad composition, pop choir, whole class recording sessions.
Weald of Kent Grammar School – Drum, saxophone and clarinet lessons, music theory classes and a weekly rock band workshop.
Hayesbrook School – Group guitar lessons and band workshops
Cage Green Primary School– school choir (70 strong!), group guitar lessons, group flute lessons, band workshops, group piano lessons and group singing lessons. 
Whole class recording sessions – “..it was great to see how some of them, who are usually very quiet, came out of their shells and joined in so enthusiastically! So many of them would never normally have the opportunity to play many of the instruments they got to try or get the chance to be in a recording studio, so it really was such a great experience for them.”
Slade Primary School – Group piano lessons
Skinners Kent Academy – Guitar lessons
West Kent College – Music enrichment/ iPad composition sessions
Hadlow College – Music enrichment/ iPad composition sessions
Hillview School for Girls – tba
Tonbridge Grammar School – tba

We can provide excellent and reliable tutors for weekly tuition on a wide range of musical instruments and disciplines. We usually offer group tuition where possible. If you have existing tutors, we can add to and complement your current provision. Students learning saxophone, flute, clarinet, guitar, ukulele and bass will be required to bring their own instruments to lessons. For piano and drums we need the school to provide suitable instruments. We are happy to discuss these requirements in more detail.
The benefits of group teaching in music have rarely been fully explored and developed by previous music education providers. MusicStation recommends group instrumental lessons wherever possible as it encourages teamwork, develops the ability to play in front of others, and provides opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and feedback. The students enjoy helping and supporting each other with a new technique or song. Group lessons also help to encourage regular practice because students do not want to fall behind. The lessons are much more lively than individual sessions , the group seems to foster more excitement and the students leave saying they enjoyed it and that they had fun. Finally it is much more affordable and therefore encourages wider participation.

MusicStation is validated by Rockschool (RSL) to deliver full and part time accredited vocational music courses at Levels 1, 2 and 3. We can offer pathways in Performance, Composition or Technology for Music Practitioner qualifications (Access to Music) ranging from 12 Credit Awards to 180 Credit Extended Diplomas. These courses could take place at your school or at MusicStation.
We specialise in teaching modern music. We find the students really enjoy (and therefore practice harder) when playing music they know and like. We have the same rigour and high standards as classical tuition – we teach technique, theory and notation to give the students a strong grounding in all the most important elements in music. One of the joys of learning and playing popular music is that creativity is just as important as technique, so we include improvisation and composition – often missing from classical music tuition. Improvisation encourages the students to find their own voice and hopefully write their own music. We think that these areas of self-expression are challenging, important and healthy for children to experience. Also important in our tuition is general musicianship and aural training – understanding how to work with keys, chord symbols, common musical structures and devices, timing, rhythmic frameworks and grooves – so that students can confidently jam along with a song or other musicians. We study past masters such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, The Specials etc. right up to current music – Sam Smith, John Legend, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and more – to learn genre-specific techniques and conventions and then go on to start writing original music from a solid musical and historical foundation.
We can coach students for graded music examinations (and are experienced with the syllabus requirements of all the major examination boards). MusicStation is now a Trinity exam centre, and we run three exam sittings per year. Many of our students take Trinity Rock grades and we have an excellent pass rate.
For schools interested in taking up our peripatetic provision, MusicStation usually offers a free 30 minute Assembly performance to introduce the tutors, demonstrate the instruments and perform songs together as a band. This would normally be followed by a free Taster Day, and from there regular lessons would commence
We have had great success in running staff/ student pop choirs, and our band workshops are a fun way to help students form their own bands. We are very happy to arrange concerts featuring the students at your school to help motivate the students.  Our lunchtime music theory classes are very popular – students can study and take accredited graded exams in either classical or popular music theory.
Half-hour Pop Choir sessions are £3 per person (minimum 10 people), and Workshop/ Theory fees are based on a staff cost of £60 per hour (pro rata).
We would love to make popular music a centrepiece for your school. We are aware that Ofsted looks very favourably on schools with a lively music department, as it promotes collegiality, discipline and confidence building. Many studies show better grades are obtained by students who have music lessons.
“ The sessions were fun, up-beat and very current. The children were kept engaged by the good teaching, high quality equipment and good organisation. The children and class teachers were very positive about the workshops and about the link with ‘MusicStation’.”
Cage Green Primary School Ofsted Report 2015
MusicStation uses the latest equipment wherever possible, including digital drums, pianos and guitar amps to enable any classroom to host music lessons with headphones. Our iPads and Apps are a fantastic new portable resource for learning all aspects of music, including notation, ear training, composition and recording.

LESSON FEES AND ADMINISTRATION – Contact us for more information.
We usually provide 36 weeks’ tuition in a school year, and would ideally need a minimum of 2 hours’ work per tutor. We invoice the students for each half term in advance. All the paperwork, billing and timetabling will be carried out by us (unless you would like to assist of course).
We only need parents’ contact details to get started.  The admin team are all working musicians and music graduates. Based in our Tonbridge office, they are available 6 days a week to assist you and answer any queries in person, by phone or email.
Our teachers are all DBS (CRB) Checked.
Julie Parker and James Sedge have extensive knowledge of all levels of teaching. Having spent the 15 years working in Universities and colleges in the South East they have been able to put together this programme of teaching that suits the modern school environment.
“ Music is now what it should be at Cage Green Primary…fun!” Chloe Hunt (Music Supervisor)

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