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Many of our past students have said that music theory was one of the most useful things they have studied. Julie Parker is a leading music theory specialist. She will demystify and break down all you need to know. Julie has a 100% pass rate on all syllabuses grades 1 – 8. If you need to pass Grade 5, need music theory for GCSE, learn from scratch or you just want to know more about how music works, come in for a chat and we can offer you a bespoke class or individual sessions that we guarantee will answer all of your questions.
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“My knowledge of music theory is at a level I could never have wished I’d have ever reached because of Julie” 
Lewis Catt
“I gained the appropriate skills to become an overall musician; from music theory to music performance, piano skills to music history” Goldie Reed
“Without the fantastic knowledge, wisdom and constant guidance provided by Julie, I would not have the solid musical foundation and understanding that I possess today”. Daniel James (Film, game and TV composer -F1 2013, Test Drive Ferrari, Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows)
“I should have made the effort to learn this years ago but the teacher then made it sound so complicated so I didn’t pursue it.” 

Rock/ pop music theory

London College of Music Popular Music Theory syllabus, Grades 1 – 8. This great syllabus, accredited in the same way as the traditional ABRSM classical music theory grades, teaches you everything a rock/ pop musician needs – scales, modes, keys, chord symbols, harmony, transposition, and rhythm. We use instruments and play examples in our classes, applying theory concepts to practical musical situations. Suitable for GCSE and A Level students. Beginner (Grades 1 – 3) / Intermediate (Grades 4 – 5) / Advanced (Grades 6 – 8) Primary/ secondary/ adult age groups.

Classical music theory

This course is the traditional ABRSM theory syllabus for pupils studying classical music styles. You need to attain Grade 5 Theory before you can proceed to Grade 6 on your instrument, but it’s useful to learn theory from the start alongside your instrumental grades.  The course is based on Eric Taylor’s theory workbooks, “Music Theory in Practice.” Suitable for GCSE and A Level students.

Jazz music theory

Beginner/ intermediate/ advanced level.
Primary/ secondary/ adult age groups.

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