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“MusicStation provides an exciting range of lessons, school music provision, music courses/ qualifications and activities for the whole community, using the best teachers, facilities and technology, at an affordable price.”.

MusicStation, conveniently situated near the castle in Tonbridge town centre, is a state-of-the art facility with an air-conditioned soundproofed studio, pleasant and modern teaching rooms featuring the latest Roland digital pianos, drums, guitar amps, plasma screens, iMacs and iPads, CCTV in every room, and a comfortable reception/ waiting area that doubles as a studio control room.

We specialise in rock and pop music. Our friendly and experienced tutors are all successful working musicians, trained to structure the teaching of popular music step by step from beginner to advanced, bringing both valuable industry knowledge and innovative teaching methods into every session.
We offer vocal and instrumental lessons (guitar, bass, keyboards/ piano, drums, saxophone, flute, clarinet), in groups or individual, optional grade exams, band workshops, soul choir and other ensembles, recording facilities, and tuition in music theory, songwriting and music technology.

One of the joys of learning and playing popular music is that creativity is just as important as technique – we also teach improvisation and composition, often missing from classical music education. We think that these areas of self-expression are challenging, important and healthy for children and adults to experience. We study past masters including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, to modern artists including Adele, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce, to learn the many different techniques they use in making music.
Your relationship to music is unique, it’s yours and no one else’s. We believe that everyone has potential to make music, no one is a “no-hoper” as everyone can sing or play something. As long as you enjoy making/ playing music you have succeeded. The goal is not to necessarily be the best in the world (unless you really want to be), it is to simply get to know music on a deeper level and have fun doing it. The old view of studying music is that ‘if it’s painful, it must be good for you’ is quite old fashioned now! You do not have to be able to read music to learn how to play. Many of the greatest musicians (Elvis, Bob Dylan, The Beatles) did not read music, but still changed the world with their songs. However we will show you the theory you need to understand how music works, and we teach musical notation to all of those who want to learn it.
Fully accredited Grade Exams and Music Qualifications are also available. We specialise in teaching Trinity Rock & Pop exams (guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals) and we are a Trinity exam centre.
Virtually everyone loves music, so we think that everyone should have the chance to play or sing. That’s why we offer a free trial lesson on any instrument – it’s easy, just phone or email to book.
You might enjoy the beautiful sound of an acoustic guitar, or Jimi Hendrix’s screaming feedback. You might be a compulsive tapper that needs to play the drums. Maybe  you want to sing like Amy Winehouse, or play piano like Jools Holland? Perhaps you really like making music on an iPad and recording your own songs, or why not form your own band? We often put on local concerts for our students – playing in a band is a memorable experience especially if it’s something you’ve never done before, it’s on many people’s bucket list!
You can do all of that and more at MusicStation.
We currently have 500+ students per week and have taught over 50,000 lessons in the past 4 years  – and we are still growing fast, with new students and groups starting every week. We also provide music services for many local schools.
We are located just off Tonbridge High Street, and there is parking nearby next to the Castle. Tonbridge train station is only ten minutes’ walk.
Have a free tea or coffee with us while you wait. There are hundreds of books and magazines to keep you occupied, along with a record player and records to give a spin!
Prices start at only £12 for a group lesson.
Call or come in for a chat and have a free trial lesson and let us show you a new modern concept in music education.
01732 350629
3 Bank Street, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1BL

See our Testimonials at the bottom of this page.

Julie Parker and James Sedge, directors of MusicStation both share a passion to modernise and improve contemporary music education in the UK. They have worked together for many years teaching and developing new courses in schools and colleges across Kent. For 12 years they managed a very successful Further Education department running all levels of BTEC and Access to Music courses.
Julie was also the Programme Leader for a Degree in Popular Music Performance at the University of Kent, a course which saw enormous success, a high percentage of First Class Honours graduates, and a large number of students going on to work in the music industry and music education. The programme, co-written by Julie Parker and James Sedge, was described as “outstanding”, “innovative” and “astonishing”, and included music field trips to New Orleans. Julie was awarded “Outstanding Lecturer of the Year” in 2010, and also held the post of Advanced Practitioner – a role given to Grade 1 (Outstanding) lecturers. She has mentored several staff through their Teacher Training qualifications (DTTLS and PGCE), and also designed a Teacher Training Module within the Degree Programme.

James is a qualified teacher who has worked for the University of Kent, specialising in drums, music history and rehearsal skills.  He has also run Further Education courses in Popular Music since 1999.
James has been teaching drums and percussion in London and Kent since 1991 and has trained many of the drum teachers currently working in the Southeast. He is regarded as one of the leading drum teachers in the area.
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“…he’s really enjoyed this year, you have given him a lot of confidence in his own ability, and your tutors and surroundings have allowed his playing to really flourish, he would not been able to get that attention elsewhere. Money well spent.”
Paul Wenham
“During my time as a student, Julie Parker and James Sedge taught me an all rounded, open approach to music that I have not experienced anywhere else. As well as that, they shared an enthusiasm, passion and dedication for music that has been the backbone of my career so far!”
Andy Vickery – Freelance guitarist, guitarist for Nao, Matt Berry
“It’s been great to find somewhere for lessons that are less formal and happy to teach the music they enjoy and want to play.”
Mrs Gardner
“We think the Music Station is brilliant…we absolutely love the people and the facilities.”
David Wells
“I was previously taught by both James Sedge and Julie Parker and would recommend them to anyone. Under their tuition I gained the appropriate skills to become an overall musician; from music theory to music performance, piano skills to music history…they will help! I found being taught by working musicians very inspiring, and having the opportunity to go and see them live is great- something other teachers are unable to offer. I wouldn’t be the working musician I am today – regularly performing my own material as well as in function bands, and a singing teacher – without their knowledge and guidance. Sign up!”
Goldie Reed
‘Without the fantastic knowledge, wisdom and constant guidance provided by James and Julie during my time with them, I would not have the solid musical foundation and understanding that I possess today’.
Daniel James (BAFTA nominated, F1 2013, Test Drive Ferrari, Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows)
‘I’d like to say that I learned a lot from you and your knowledge of artists, music history and all the political/ social elements that come with it is unrivalled. Also that you teach in a way that is genuinely inspirational and funny’
Phil Hodge
‘James Sedge and Julie Parker helped to motivate, train and shape me into the musician I am today. Without the unique teaching that I received over the six years I was tutored by them, I would not be in the position I am now that allows me to play in a great band with other great musicians’.
Alan Mumford
‘This music school is run by our old degree teachers, without them we wouldn’t be who we are today! They taught us all we needed to know about being in a successful working band. Since we finished our degrees we have been playing non stop in the UK and abroad, on cruise ships and hotels around the world. They have set us up with the skills to maintain a long career playing music, if you’re looking to do the same I recommend signing up now because you won’t regret it!’
Becky Nock
‘James was my drum tutor at West Kent, a very to the point man who knows the importance of teaching discipline (playing wise!) first.’
Simon Smith
‘James’ infectious enthusiasm for teaching and performing music, helped me get the best degree result I could and has inspired me to continue studying at the postgraduate level.’
Alex McElhinney
‘I cannot stress enough how outstanding the teachers at MusicStation are! The professionalism, skill and approachability of these musicians is second to none. I count myself as being incredibly lucky to have been taught by Julie and James for a number of years and they have been a constant source of encouragement, guidance and inspiration, in a way that is personal to me as I have progressed as a musician. I can honestly say that you will not get a higher quality of tutelage anywhere else! If you’re interested in learning the invaluable skills and techniques with the view of becoming a professional musician or just want to learn an instrument as a hobby, do yourselves a favour and enrol with them now while there are still spaces available!’
Chris Hutchings
‘Having studied under both James Sedge and Julie Parker, I can say with full confidence that they are the best teachers in the music field. I started with almost no musical skills, and thanks to them I’m know a full time bassist with a degree in music performance! Thank you James and Julie, this music school is going to rock!!’
Joe Cox
‘James Sedge and Julie Parker taught me for 5 years at college and I’ll remember every minute of it! If it were not for James and Julie I would be nowhere near the musician I am today. My awareness of different music styles and techniques were greatly enhanced with the detailed and interesting lessons in music history. I covered many genres with James and Julie ranging all the way from punk and reggae right the way through to progressive rock and the music of New Orleans. I feel my drumming ability and technique improved dramatically when James taught me. I was provided with interesting and challenging material to learn which was always taught to the highest standards. My knowledge of music theory is at a level I could never have wished I’d have ever reached because of Julie. I can also thank James and Julie for giving me the belief in my ability to play in a band I love with a group of best friends! For that I would recommend no other music teachers than James, Julie and the rest of the staff at MusicStation’
Lewis Catt
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