Trinity Exam Dates at MusicStation 2017

Please note there are new prices for all exams from August 2016 (price list below)
Rock & Pop applicants can only enter online at
Classical and Jazz price list:
UK – Music Grades 2016-17
Rock and Pop price list:
UK – Rock & Pop 2016-17
When you complete your entry and get to the availability section, please include alternative dates if at all possible. All of the dates are booked provisionally depending on numbers and some days may not run at all if we don’t get enough candidates.
We will try to accommodate your requirements, but it might not be possible if they are especially specific.
Classical and jazz only:
Specifications for aural tests and improvisation tests are changing for all instruments. The changes apply to all exams taken from 1 January 2017 onwards.
See the supporting tests page for new test specifications and information about sample materials.
Please note that there is no overlap for supporting tests, and the previous aural tests and improvisation tests can therefore no longer be used.
Please note that there is no change to the unpitched aural tests for drum kit.
You can contact us on 01732 350629
Entry forms are available at
Trinity solo grade exams in music entry form
Or download from the following link:

Trinity Exam Dates 2017
Closing date 12th May

26/6 Monday
27/6 Tuesday
30/6 Friday
1/7 Saturday 13.30 – 19.30
2/7 Sunday
3/7 Monday
4/7 Tuesday
7/7 Friday
8/7 Saturday 13.30 – 19.30
9/7 Sunday
14/7 Friday
15/7 Saturday 13.30 – 19.30
16/7 Sunday
Rock & Pop

28/6 Wednesday
29/6 Thursday
5/7 Wednesday
6/7 Thursday
12/7 Wednesday
13/7 Thursday

Closing Date 6th October

20/11 Monday
21/11 Tuesday
24/11 Friday
25/11 Saturday 13.30 – 19.30
26/11 Sunday
27/11 Monday
28/11 Tuesday
1/12 Friday
2/12 Saturday 13.30 – 19.30
3/12 Sunday
Rock & Pop

22/11 Wednesday
23/11 Thursday
29/11 Wednesday
30/11 Thursday

Trinity Exam Candidates

If you need to play with a CD or any form of digital music, please let the steward know as you arrive for your exam. Please bring your own CD if taking any exam except rock & pop.
If you intend to use any downloaded materials for your exam please show the examiner the receipt (in your name) before the exam.If you need to play with a CD or any form of digital music, please let the steward know as you arrive for your exam. Please bring your own CD if taking any exam except rock & pop. For the Rock & Pop exams the examiner will have the music from the grade books ready on a laptop. If you intend on using your own backing tracks please let the steward know so we can set it up before you go in.
If you are using a piece of music that is not included in the Trinity Grade Books, please have a photocopy ready for the examiner. You will need the original copy, or a receipt for its purchase.
There will be a waiting area for all candidates, parents, accompanists etc. Please ask for a complimentary tea/ coffee/ water.
We provide a warm up room for all candidates with a Roland digital piano, a Roland guitar and bass amp, Roland TD11 KV – VDrums. The steward will come and get you from the warm up room when the examiner is ready.
Please have your instrument ready to play and out of its case when you go to the exam room.
Please make sure it is tuned up before you enter the room.
The soundproofed exam room has a Yamaha U3 piano, a top range acoustic drum kit (including snare and cymbals), Roland guitar and bass amps, music stands, a PA system with a microphone, and a monitor for rock & pop exams.
Please let the steward know if you are a left handed drummer as you arrive.
Your result will be emailed to you as soon as the examiner’s session is over.
Your certificates will be posted in 4 – 6 weeks time.
There is a car park only 2 minutes walk away next to Tonbridge Castle (see map below)

Good luck with your exam 🙂

The MusicStation Exam Room
MusicStation Yamaha U3 Piano

One of the drum kits available (the 2nd tom will be added for exams)
MusicStation GREEN ROOM

The warm up room.

MusicStation Warm Up Room

Parking details